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Christine Cunningham Ashworth’s true love is the written word. Her writing prowess is a testament to the legacy left by her father, fiction author Chet Cunningham, and that of her brother Scott Cunningham who pioneered modern witchcraft. During the last three decades, Christine has picked up the torch of his legacy, as he urged her to do, and is running with it. She believes magic is everywhere. From the hypnotic relationship with mirror and self as she rehearsed ballet positions to utilizing breath as a way to experience a moment bringing yourself into mindfulness, Christine lives her craft. Time spent fireside, or walking along the ocean shore, reinforces her heart-centeredness and speaks to her of the dynamic synchronicity of the world.

Personal Life

She sees tarot as a story-telling medium that provides possibilities and opens your brain to different levels and perspectives of awareness. As the USA Today bestselling author, Christine has over ten published novels, numerous short stories, and the non-fiction essay collection Wear the Pearls and Other Bits of Wisdom. Find more about her at Christine-Ashworth.com or mysticalmagic.me. And @ashworthchristine on Instagram. In southern California, she lives with her husband, Tom, and their two sons.

"You are meant to give your heart and soul to this life, holding nothing back for the future. Let me take your hand and guide you back to yourself, one step at a time."

Christine Cunningham-Ashworth - Wear the Pearls and Other Bits of Wisdom

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I’m a writer with a love for tarot, books on magicks, romance novels, and happy people.

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Christine speaks about living mindfully, bearing witness to magick in every day, and tending the fire of your heart. In describing their experience, attendees of Christine’s talks consider her knowledgeable, unique, and engaging.

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