From Idea to Published – 1

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From Idea to Published. This is a 5 week online course via Zoom, with two virtual one-on-ones with me. The goal? Getting that book out of your head and on the page.

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Welcome! Whether you’ve been published dozens of times and are having a difficult time getting THIS idea going, or whether this is the very first book that has been whirling around in your brain, you’re in the right place!

This workshop is a four-week class with a bonus week added, plus TWO hour-long one-on-ones with me, one at the very beginning of our time together, and one somewhere in the middle.

This is NOT a how-to-write class; this class is aimed at those who are writing non-fiction, who want to get clear on just who, and why, they want to write THIS book in particular. This is not a grammar class, or an editing class; this is a workshop to inspire you, excite you, about that idea you’ve been brooding about, and provide you with a map to get you to the finish.

Click on the link below to sign up for the next class. Each class is limited to ten people, so we have time to hear from everyone and you can get the attention your project needs and deserves.

I am so excited to discuss your projects!



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