And So It Goes

It’s Easter Sunday. Passover is happening, and Ramandan goes on until April 20th. It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles. The skies are a bright blue, and the temperature is in the upper 70s.

I’ve been pretty steady on my meditation and grounding practice. I’ve started adding spells to my practice, as well, because as H. Byron Ballard says, you’re not a witch if you’re not practicing daily. I love her book Roots Branches & Spirits, pictured below; behind the book is Joanna Powell Colbert’s The Reaper. I really need to get that framed.

My husband and I were sitting in the back yard the other day. He looked around at all the work we’ve done, and all the work still to come, and he said to me something along the lines of we have enough. He was talking about an acquaintance of his who had moderate success as an actor but who shook the dust of Los Angeles off his feet for somewhere else. Quit acting because “Hollywood didn’t pay him his due” or something along those lines.

We have a good life. A home of our own, a huge back yard to plant and weed and grow things in, a sweetheart of a dog, two sons who are good people. We have work we love to do. We have talents we can play with when we just want to relax. And we have so much love – for each other, for our family, for our friends.

We have enough. Do I want more? In some areas, yes of course. I want to travel more. I want to have more free time. I want to be able to afford life for as long as I live. But we’re content. I personally am not going to sit back and rest – there’s too much to do in this world. But a part of me is happy, knowing that I’m enough, that I have enough, were this all we were given.

Yes, there is more. There’s no shame in wanting more, or working for that more. Neither is there shame in wanting what you already have, and knowing you don’t need to go out and buy yet another fill-in-the-blank because you already have more than enough for one person. This, of course, does not include books. Books are always something that I personally need more of.

I’m getting back in the habit of blogging regularly; at some point it will all become more cohesive, but for right now, this is where I am.

Be a light in the dark for those whose light has gone out. Thanks for reading.

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