Grounding Practice.

It’s autumn. The leaves are falling, or have fallen, or there’s already snow on the ground where you live, if you’re like me in the northern hemisphere. There is tension across the world, there is tension in our homes, our workplaces, our shopping centers, our bars and burger joints.

It’s past time to make grounding a regular, daily, practice. You don’t have to be a witch, or a Pagan, to find grounding incredibly helpful. Over the years, I have learned many different ways to ground and have, on occasion, found myself startling awake in the middle of the night, heart thumping, instinctively beginning the grounding process.

I am going to share the Tree method of grounding.

First, you do not have to be outside to ground. You can be anywhere – on the fourth floor of a building, or in an airplane, 35,000 miles above the earth. You can also be leaning against a tree if you like.

The Tree method works like this. (I find it easier to do this with my eyes closed, but you do you.) Imagine a taproot spearing down from your feet into the earth, far below. It is thick and strong, and soon other roots shoot out of that taproot to spread out in a canopy-like manner. Your energies are driving this growth, and receive even more energy from the earth itself.

Next, bring those energies back up through your body, which has become a tree trunk, and feel the energies soar through you and up out the top of your head, reaching higher and higher until the branches spring out and the leaves burst into fullness, creating a canopy high in the sky.

Above you, ask your guardians, guides, gods and goddesses, the elementals of air and water, to be there for you. Below you, deep underground, ask for the elementals of fire and earth to be there for you. Bring the two energies together, mingling inside you, grounding and centering you. Whatever energies you do not need, or that are not yours, release back into the ground and back into the air.

Thank and release your guardians, guides, gods and goddesses, the elements of air, water, earth, and fire. Draw your roots back to you, draw your branches back to you, and breathe.

With practice, I’ve been able to get this down to about two minutes. I hope to get faster at it, but that’s good for now.

How about you? Do you ground regularly?

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